So you think you know wine?

I really enjoy watching these videos! Of course I admire these fine sommeliers when they get it right but I'm more impressed when they don't. I guess that sounds odd but it's their attitude that I dig. I like listening to their thought process, their confidence in taking a stab at it, their ability to get it wrong and be ok with that.

Tasting wine can seem very intimidating to newcomers. Tasting blind combined with guessing in front of others can seem overwhelming. I worked at a wine agency where blind tastings were a regular part of our meetings. I found it stressful despite being pretty good at it.

There's a whole series of these "So you think you know wine?" on Wine Align and I recommend watching them. Then grab your friends, wrap some bottles in paper and give it a try. You may surprise yourself!

Cheers, Luisa